Linksys Router

When you get yourself a Linksys router for your home, the next step is to set it up. Most Linksys routers nowadays come with built-in automatic setup. So, you just have to turn the power on and they do the whole setup automatically.
For example,

Linksys router models – EZXS16W, EZXS88W, EZXS55W, EG008W, EG005W, SE1500, SE2500, SE2800 don’t require manual configuration.

But some models do need to be set up and configured. You might think that it’s a bit of a hassle to set up Linksys router, but it’s a simple process if you follow the setup steps properly.


Before starting the setup make sure:

    1. Your Linksys router is properly connected via ethernet cable to Modem
    2. Your Computer system is connected to Modem properly
    3. Your Linksys router is properly connected via ethernet cable to your computer system
    4. If you are using a wireless system to connect like a laptop or phone, make sure they are connected to your Linksys Wifi Network beforehand.
    5. Make sure that all devices are powered on and working properly, before accessing web interface of Linksys Router.


To set up and configure Linksys router you can follow the below steps:

    1. First, you need the default IP address to Login into web-based setup interface of Linksys Router. So, go to command prompt and type ‘ipconfig’ then, press enter. It will show your default IP address.
    2. If you can’t find the IP address try accessing the setup page via the default IP address “”. Enter the IP address into the URL bar of the web browser.
    3. You will be asked for Login credentials to access Linksys router’s setup interface page.
    4. Enter the default Login credentials as admin in both fields, no caps.
    5. When you successfully  will login you be redirected to admin panel of Linksys router.
    6. Now you just need to follow the on-screen process to complete the setup.
    7. Youcan make changes in router configuration settings as you prefer.

If you have any trouble doing setup just let us know and a technician will be assigned to help you out.



If you are trying to setup your Linksys router but can’t login via default login credentials, the easiest way is to Reset your Linksys router.

When you reset your router back to Factory settings, you will be able to use the default login credentials.

Follow the steps below to Reset Linksys Router:

    1. Look for the Reset button on the back of your router.
    2. Make sure the router is Turned on and working when you press the reset button.
    3. When you press the reset button, make sure to hold it for minimum 10 seconds.
    4. Let go of the button when the reset process starts.
    5. Now wait for Linksys router to finish the process and restart.
    6. When all the lights on Linksys router stop blinking and are solid bright, you can start the Linksys router setup process.


When you Reset your Linksys router, your router restores all the settings back to original. So, be warned that you will lose all your preference settings and you have to setup all settings again.

But if you are having issues accessing the router setup page, reset can eliminate the issue and you will be able to easily access the router setup page after reset.

Also, in case you forget the login credentials ever or get the ‘incorrect password’ error while trying to login into your Linksys router. A reset will solve this issue very easily. It is the best way to recover your default Linksys router login credentials.

If your router is not working properly or having issue installing router updates, A reset will automatically install the updates. It will also troubleshoot any issue you were having and your router will work better after a reset.

A simple reset can troubleshoot many issues without much effort. Which is why sometimes you are required to reset the router.

If you have any doubts about doing a reset by yourself, reach out to our helpline and leave it to the professionals.


If you want to test whether your Linksys router is working well, check out these tips:

    1. Check whether the router switch is turned on and working fine. If it is not working switch outlets and see if it works.
    2. Make sure when the switch is powered on, all the LED lights on the router are turned on and working properly.
    3. Open command prompt in your system and use ipconfig to check IP address. If the IP address is displayed properly, then it is working fine. If there is error fetching IP address, there may be an issue with your Linksys router.
    4. But most of all if you have a successful internet connection but getting error accessing any websites, there might be an issue with the router.

So, if the error appears, contact our helpline to troubleshoot the issue right away. For more issues related to your Linksys router you may give us a call on our toll free helpline number.


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